How do you build traffic?

We all Want Traffic to Our Sites

When putting up a website one of the concerns is to generate traffic to the site. Without traffic you can not sell anything. But just getting traffic to your site is not enough! The traffic must be targeted and ready to buy to be of significant value to you.

A Personal Case Study

In illustration of this point, I have a number of web properties. My original idea was to put Adsense blocks on the pages and gain a good deal of traffic to these sites. 

To implement the traffic building I have an existing and ongoing offer to put up a website for just about any purpose at no charge. My idea was to put an ad box at the top and a text ad strip at the bottom of the pages on these free sites. 

I thought that people would take advantage of my offer and that they would then invite people to their sites. I do get occasional traffic to the site generated by the offer, but, to date, only one individual has taken advantage of the offer, and he has generated virtually no traffic to the site that I put up.

I have had my Adsense program in place for just over a year. I have had over 30,000 page impressions in that time. My Google savings account now stands at $51.68 (I say savings account because there is an $100.00 payment threshold with Adsense). The click through rate stands at about 0.7 %, and that is probably about average if the traffic is not targeted. In looking at the numbers it can be seen that the more targeted the site the higher the click through rate will be.

Another Case Study

The highest performing site has a click through rate above 10%. It is a site that I put up for a friend. It draws very targeted traffic for the niche that it occupies but offers no options, being just an informational page. 

The traffic that gets there finds nothing of value there but is still looking for the object of their search, so if they see something in an ad that relates to what they came to the site to find they click on the ad link.

The Competition is Intense

With over 185 Million websites and literally Billions of pages available on the Internet the competition for web surfers is intense. While it is possible to have a site go viral and attain a large number of page views the chances of that happening are infinitesimal. It would take several hundred thousand page views per month at average click through rates to make even a small income.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The good news is that with a well targeted web site and some additional products beside Adsense it would be possible to make a much better income. If the site of which I spoke earlier, with the high click through rate, offered some products there would be some income from the site. If the site were optimized with more content and some better use of keywords the traffic count could probably be increased to a great extent and still maintain the high interest and click through rates.


So we can see that going for a high traffic count is not enough. The traffic must be targeted and it must be ready to buy. There must also be compelling products available to sell to the visitors in order to make money from the site.

Do you get quality traffic?

What could you do to improve the targeting of your traffic?

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