Do you have a success formula?

The Success Formula

There is a program of which I have previously spoken, SiteSell, that uses the acrostic CTPM to talk about the program and the way to succeed on the Internet. This is a very well thought out program and many people enjoy great success with their Site Build It sites. The company provides a lot of tools and support to their customers. 

And what do the letters in this acrostic signify?

The 'C' is for Content. You have to have some content in order to be seen and indexed by the search engines. It is quality content that brings targeted customers to your website. The 'T' is for Traffic. You will not be able to sell anything from your website if you have no one to whom to sell. The 'P' is for Pre-sell. This is the job of the content on your site. And finally the 'M' is for Monetize. If you are a hopeful Internet marketer this is the purpose of having the website.

I want to emphasize the order in the acrostic. The content comes first and the monetization comes last. The pre-selling is the path that takes the traffic and generate generates the sales. But the reason for the content is to build the traffic, and without the traffic there can be no sales.

So what should I know about traffic?

The best traffic, when hoping to monetize a website, is highly targeted traffic. There are many ways that are put forward to promote websites. Some of those ways will produce better quality traffic than some of the others. To monetize a site you need traffic that is actually shopping for the product or service that you offer. Traffic numbers are not really the thing that you seek. A few visitors a day that are looking for your product or service can be worth more to you than hundreds of visitors that are riding in tourist class (just looking).

In order to have traffic people must be able to find your site. The best traffic comes from search engines. To rank high in the search engines you need to have content that is very relevant to your keywords. Backlinks will help, but you need to have a good backlink strategy. You see people advising to join forums and list your website in your profile and signature if permitted. Another frequent suggestion is to use the social bookmarking sites and social networking sites to provide backlinks and promote your site. While the backlinks will help with your page rank the link quality and traffic from these sites probably will not be the best. Most of the traffic generated will likely be in the tourist class. 

Commenting on blogs can work if you choose the blog well and make only relevant comments that add to the post. One of the better choices, if a bit time consuming, is article writing. There are many sites that accept articles to post. These are clearing houses and the articles may be picked up by ezines and other websites looking for content. While you can't insert links in the body of the article there is a credit box at the end of the article, and that allow you to link to your site. Just be sure to include your keywords in the link text. If someone chooses to reprint your article it is required that they include the credit box. Even if the article is not picked the search engine crawlers will index the new material on the site and pick up your link.


It is not enough to have a beautiful website. You must have targeted traffic to that site if you hope to monetize the site. You will spend more time promoting the site and drawing quality, targeted traffic to the site than you actually spend building the site. There is work to do and you must remain focused, but the rewards can be great!

Will you follow the route to success?

What do you think about this?

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