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Using html Semantics and Keywords for SEO

If you are to gain the maximum search engine traffic benefit from your pages that you put up on the web you must pay attention to keywords. Keywords are the terms that people search for when they are looking for your product or services. In addition to using the keywords you need to pay attention to the html semantical structure of your pages.

What are html Semantics?

Html semantics involve the tagging at the code level of your page. There are various tags that are used to give the level of importance of a line of text on your site. There are six levels of heading tags and most of the rest of the text will be contained within paragraph tags. These levels are used by the browser for display purposes but are also used by search engines in assigning values to the various elements of the page. The html title of the page is also used by the search engines.

The Semantic Structure of the Page

The html tagging gives a hierarchy to the text on the page. The heading tags (<h1>) are numbered from one to six, one being the most important heading and six being the least important. If thinking in terms of a print book the title of the book would be an h1, the chapters would be h2's, sections in the chapters would be h3's, and sub-sections would be h4's. The rest of the text in these sections would be in paragraphs for the most part, although there could also be lists and a table with tabular data.

Use Keywords in your title and h elements!

Using keywords in the text on the page is always recommended and most people know about using keywords there. You should use your keywords at least once in the first 100 characters of text on the page and two or three other times in the rest of the page. You want to write in a natural style but remember to include your keywords.

It is especially important to also use your keywords in the first three or four words of your html title for the page. Using keywords in your headings is also a good plan. Just think about the structure of your headings. Make them natural sounding and relevant to your text, but get the keywords into the first three or four words in the heading.

So Semantics, Keywords, and SEO go Together

Search engine traffic is the best, most targeted traffic that you can get to your page. In order to get the most benefit from the search engines you need to pay attention to the html semantics of the page and the keywords. You should choose the keywords before you start on the content for the page. The content must be relevant to the keywords that you have chosen for the page. Use your keywords in the first few words of your html title for the page and also in the headings where possible. Use your keywords in the content of the page three or four times including once in the first 100 characters of your content. These practices will make your pages more search engine friendly, and it is good to be friends with the search engines.

Have you been using keywords in your html titles?

Have you used semantic structuring? Please tell me!

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