How are you monetizing your sites?


So you have a website and you have a good amount of traffic, how do you turn that traffic into a little jingle for your pocket? You will need to make use of multiple revenue streams. Your pay-per-click advertising revenue may pay your fixed expenses such as hosting and bandwidth. It can pay more if you have a lot of traffic. 

If you have a great deal of certifiable traffic you may also be eligible for some pay-per-view programs. With a pay-per-view program you would make a small amount of money each time that the page is displayed in a browser. This may even be less than a penny, but if you have thousands of page views it can add up.

Affiliate Programs

Another revenue stream that is available to the site owner is affiliate marketing. You can find an affiliate program to compliment nearly any content that you put up on your site. Affiliate marketing is likely to be most effective if it is used as a text link within your content as something that you recommend. There are programs that offer to set you up with an affiliate marketing site for free. Unless you can find a way to get traffic to your site you are unlikely to do well. You need to give people a reason to come to your site, and you need to hold them on your site to do well.

Drop Shipping and Direct Sales

There are also direct sales programs and drop shipper programs available. With a drop shipper program it is possible to put up a retail site without having to maintain an inventory and a shipping department. You will not make as much per sale, because the drop shipper has to make a profit, but you don't have to worry about purchasing, warehousing, and shipping. I have not researched these programs extensively at this time, so I will not comment further on them.

The Marketing Plan

The key to making a reasonable amount of money with your website is to have multiple revenue streams. You do this by combining several programs. That way you may have something that appeals to a visitor to your site. You will do better with products and services that are highly targeted to your visitor. You need to give people a reason to come to your site and then offer them things that will be of interest to them.

What revenue streams are you using?

What does well for you?

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