How have you maintained your focus?

Maintaining Your Focus

The single reason that people who start on an Internet marketing program do not achieve their goal is that they loose their focus. Weather you choose to go it alone or to follow one of the many programs that are offered on the web you must follow through with the program. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your Internet empire be built in a day.

Choose Your Program

There are probably thousands of programs available on the Internet that offer or 'promise' to show you the way to make money on the web. Some of these programs have more merit than others. It is possible to make an income by following many of these programs. Be wary of programs that claim you will be an instant success. In many of those programs the only person that is instantly making money is the person who is promoting the program. 

You will be better off to choose a program that admits that there will be work involved if you are to make a long term income. Remember, Internet marketing is a marathon not a sprint. If you are to make a good steady income from Internet marketing you will have to put in some hours and learn some things. You want to build wealth for you and not for an established Internet Marketer.

A short commercial break . . .

I have recently researched Squidoo a bit. I have a couple of lenses up and expect to put up a few more. The Squidoo program offers the opportunity to make some money by putting up informational pages. The more and better quality pages that you put up the more potential for earning you have. There is no out of pocket cost to you to put up a Squidoo lens. There is advertising on the pages and you can add various money making modules. The money that you can make they call royalties, but this is really a profit sharing program. You get 50% of the commissions from the modules and may also get a share of the basic ad income if your pages rank well within the site.

The other program that I believe is very good is the Site Build It program from  SiteSell. This program provides a site with a lot of back end functions and helps with every phase of the site development process. The support will keep you focused on the program so it is easier to follow through and not get distracted. There are people that are making good money using the program and the support offered. This is a contract program with an annual fee, but there is real value that will be returned to you for the money that you spend on the SiteSell program.

Set Goals for Yourself

Once that you have decided on a program to follow you should set goals for yourself. Your goal should be realistic. If you set your goal too high you will become discouraged. If you don't set your goal high enough you may not achieve your potential. If you choose a program like article marketing you may set a goal of one good new article a day, then when you are consistently producing that one good article a day up your goal to ten articles a week. With whatever program you choose the work will become more routine and you will get faster at doing the things as you study and gain experience.

Maintain Your Focus

With any program or plan you must follow through on your commitment to yourself. If you only try something for a short period of time and don't see the results that you hope for it is easy to give up or try another program. It is said that the reason for failure in 99% of the cases is stopping following the program without giving it a fair chance to begin producing income. Remember that you must give yourself time to learn the ropes. Focus on the small victories, like that first commission check, no matter how small it may be, or even the fact that you are accumulating a balance toward a payment threshold. A few drops can turn into a trickle, a few trickles can turn into a brooklet, a few brooks can turn into a stream, and a few streams can turn into a mighty river!

Get'er Done

So the steps to becoming a successful Internet marketer are to pick a program or plan and stick with it. Set goals for yourself that you will have to reach for but can be attained. Once you have decided on a program maintain your focus and follow through with the program. Don't expect that you will be an instant millionaire, but do expect that, like anything worth having, you will have to learn the skills and work to achieve your goals. Don't expect the river to start to flow immediately when you feel the first few drops of rain.

Are you able to maintain your focus?

Please tell me how you do that!

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