What raises 'Red Flags' for you?

Some Words of Caution

I will detail on this page some things that should raise the alarm flags or that you should at least keep in mind when searching for ways to monetize your website. I also have another site that I am developing that deals in more depth with specific deals that I see promoted on the web.

Particularly if you are just starting on this journey I suggest that you take a look at: http://www.beforeyoubuyawebsite.com I have added a section on Website Basics to that site that explains many of the terms with which you should be familiar.

Remember 'Let the Buyer Beware'

There are many, many sales pages out there that tell you that if you buy this or buy that you will be walking on easy street in no time. You need to check these offers out carefully to see if they have any substance. Many of these sites are making tons of money selling people courses in how to make tons of money. 

The programs that they promote are probably available to you without buying their road map. You should not expect to be an overnight success without putting in some work. The old axiom "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true" definitely applies to these schemes.

Have You seen a program that you think is a Scam?

Did you Loose money on a program?

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