Article Marketing Success - The Complete Business Tool Kit

Article Marketing Success - The Complete Business Tool Kit
By Juan Royal

Article marketing plays a vital role in the success of your online business career. To be honest, a well written article can bring in multiple sales continuously to you without you lifting any finger on advertising cost. Writing and publishing article is free in most cases and that makes it very unique. Not every marketer especially the newbie can afford the high cost of pay per click advertising. Article marketing success begins with setting goals and sticking to it.

It could be unfair to just write articles without following the guidelines for a top search engine indexing. Your articles must be optimized to suit Google engine most especially. If you are ready for a successful article marketing adventure and build an expert status in a little while, follow these simple tips.

* Tip 1: Do your Research. 

This is the only way you can determine what to write about. Visit forums and online discussion boards and read through the threads made by its members. Also, check the number of times a particular issue has arisen on these forums and see if there is any solution yet. You will come out with a rich concept.

* Tip 2: Use Bum Marketing Strategy. 

Bum marketers are those who dwell mainly on content. They promote their businesses as well as affiliate programs through articles and other content related courses. But bums do not just write for writing sake, they do their study thoroughly. They gather a list of highly sought after key phrases and use them for their articles. They include the key phrases on the article title, summary and at least on each paragraph. This will help build their keyword density and stabilize it to get indexed faster on Google and other search engines.

* Spend Time and Write Quality Articles. 

Although we are living in an era where software does virtually everything, I still recommend writing at least 80% of your articles. Instead of using an article writing software which sometimes poses a big problem of getting your articles rejected. When you write articles yourself, it helps you to speak personally to the readers. Your emotions are harnessed and the reader gets engrossed rather than getting to read articles from software. Every single minute spent writing quality articles will definitely pay off. Article writing software only helps to churn out several articles within a specified period, but doing it yourself enhances your learning skills as well as increases its chance of getting indexed on Google.

* Format your resource box well. 

A lot of writers do not know how to write a clickable resource box. The major reason is because they have not been taught. Well, your resource box is that section below your article body. This is where you talk briefly about yourself and your business as well as include your website link for promotions. To attract readers to your resource box, make sure it is short, appears like a part of your article and has a hyperlinked text. Do not ask readers to visit your website, rather, inform them to get the full information on your website. One more note, write your box as though you are not the author. Readers tend to believe reviews about a person more than what the author says about himself.

By following the above tips, you are sure going to see success on your article marketing. However, do not relent in your pursuit for great article marketing success. Every effort you make towards enhancing your image on the internet pays great dividends.

JUAN Royal is the CEO of Article Marketing Riches. All resources you need to achieve success with article marketing is available here:

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